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We are here to help you grow your brand, whether it is online, through social media, events with your clients, helping with the planning of expos, designing your brand or even recreating your website.

For your website, generally we will assist you in upgrading your current website if needed, we will make the website interactive and upgrade the graphics to help your website’s google rating.

If the website will need to be redesigned we offer assistance with hosting the website through a third party and will follow the necessary steps to building an interactive and attractive website which will represent your company’s brand.

And lastly our event planning offering, this is where we meet and build a custom package for what you need, whether it be a year end, birthday, wedding… we do it all.

When we say custom made package… You will meet with us and we will understand your needs, is it just décor you need assistance with? Or do you have a budget and want us to do it all?

Young Designs will manage and create your event on the budget you have and no more.

Our Social media management offering allows you to grow your brand using any digital platform you need assistance with. We will set up a meeting with the relevant people in your organization and have a look at your company’s current social layout, once we have done this we will advise you on what will work best for your offering and how the public will react to the type of advertising we will do on each of the platforms.

Website Design

Your companies brand starts with its website. We can recreate, fix and design your website. An attractive and interactive website can help you find and attract new clients.

Social Media Management

Helping you build and create your online brand using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any platform of your choice. Managing how your clients see you in the digital world.

Event Planning

Let us help you plan, create and manage your upcoming event. Create a personalised event planning package. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, dinner, launch or year end function, We do it all.

Digital Audit

Social Media and website take over. We will enter your digital world and give you feed back on what you are doing right and where you can improve your digital footprint. Improving your company from the inside.